Photologues (Birds)

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Common Iora | Aegithina tiphia | 14 Cm | Uniform black tail (male) or green tail (female). Crown and mantle of breeding males vary from uniformly black, to black mixed with yellow on mantle, to yellowish green. Females very similar to non-breeding males although tail is green. Voice – Long drawn out two-toned whistle, with a piping tu-tu-tu-tu…Spotted at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

Oriental White-eye | Zosterops palpebrosus| 10 Cm | Distinctive, with prominent white-eye ring, black bill and lores, green to yellowish-green upperparts, bright yellow throat and vent, and whiteish rest of underparts with variable greyish wash. Voice – Call is a plaintive cheer or prree-u; song is a tinkling jingle. Spotted at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

Purple Sunbird (Eclipse) | Cinnyris asiaticus | 10 cm | Male is metallic blue-green and purple, becoming blackish on belly and vent. Female has uniform yellowish underparts, with faint supercilium and darker mask. Eclipse male is as female, but has a broad blackish stripe down centre of throat and breast, metallic blue wing coverts and glossy black wings and tail. Spotted at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

Blue-throated Blue Flycatcher (Male) | Cyornis rubeculoides | 14 Cm | Summer visitor to Himalayas; winters in E Himalayan foothills. Male has blue throat (some with orange wedge) and well defined white belly and flanks. Female has narrow and poorly defined creamy-orange throat, and orange breast well demarcated from white belly. Voice – Short, sweet song recalls Tickell’s but more rapid and higher-pitched. Spotted at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

Yellow Footed Green Pigeon | Treron phoenicopterus | 33 Cm | Large size, grey cap and greenish yellow forehead and throat, broad olive yellow collar, pale greyish green upper parts, mauve shoulder patch, yellowish band at base of tail. and yellow legs and feet. Usually at tops of tall trees, eats fruits and berries. Voice – A mellow, wandering whistle; also a subdued gurgling. Spotted flocks at The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore.

White Bellied Drongo | Dicrurus caerulescens | 24 Cm | Whiteish from belly downwards, restricted to vent and undertail-coverts with glossy slate-grey upperparts. Voice: Continuous, rich, slightly harsh ti-tiu and cheece-cheece-chichuk

Rose Ringed Parakeet (Male) | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Spotted Owl | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Red Breasted Flycatcher | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Rufous Tree Pie| xxx | yyyy | zzzz

White Browed Fan Tail Flycatcher | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Darter | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

White Throated Kingfisher | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Red Vented Bulbul | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Red Wattled Lap Wing | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Jungle Blabber | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Eagle | xxx | yyyy | zzzz

Crested Serpant Eagle | xxx| yyy | zzz


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