Solitude! Mt. Kinner Kailash, Himalayas, India

5 of 5 stars”Twas the last leg of our Sangla-Spiti-Kalpa trip, and we had allocated 3 full days for Kalpa. It turned out to be the icing on our cake. ‘Love at first sight’ is how I would describe it. Mt. Kinner Kailash, barely 10 Kms away as the crow flies, towered majestically in all her grandeur. The spotless snow cap gleamed in the sunshine as Italian thaussus. I simply could not take my gaze off her with the warm afternoon sun orchestrating the hamonious transition of colours with all it’s glory.

When I did move into our suite, I was overwhelmed; frankly I had not expected HPTDC to maintain any of its hotels even remotely close to this rendition at Kalpa. The ornately designed features of the room tucked in a tinge of warmth in the vast expanse of the room. The picture perfect views of the mountains are a part and parcel of the hotels’ canvas. I could have meditated for hours even days but for our dinner call.

The restaurant was neat the service efficient and the food exceptional. The snowy peaks hallowed in the midst of the dark fringes of surrounding mountains, clearly visible in the dim moonlit night. Neither my sizzler nor the ambience could wait….I was clearly bowled over.

The variety of flora n fauna is a paradise for botanists….for me it was an artists’ play with his easel, colours and brushes. To say that nature is bountiful is a gross understatement…3 days at this ‘nothing-to-do’ place failed to satiate my appetite in the end!

Having spent more than a decade amidst luxurious hospitality, this was supposed to be a walkover for me…unfortunately the sheer simplicity turned out to be highly luxurious for me.

Room Tip: Go in for a front facing suite…do not allow your budget to change your mind!
Review of Hotel Mt. Kinner Kailash
Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC)
17 July 2012

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